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Library Resources & Services

With resources from as early as the 1850's, the FCHS library is a treasure trove of information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our records, date ranges, and the surname indexes before you submit a query or plan a visit. Any questions can be sent to



  • Check the Surname Index or Resource listings above to locate the presence of a record, document or book in our collection.

  • Use the following form to request a copy or schedule an appointment in the Eickoff Family History Library.

  • A member of the FCHS will verify the presence of the record/information and if found they will issue you an invoice for payment via email. Payments can be made online or through the mail. FCHS will only verify the presence of the record, the information in the record is provided for a charge.  

  • Once payment is received a photocopy or digital image of the record/publication will be sent. 

  • Expect up four weeks for document delivery.

Thanks for submitting!

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