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Library Resources & Services

With resources from as early as the 1850's, the FCHS library is a treasure trove of information. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our records, date ranges, and the surname indexes before you submit a query or plan a visit. Any questions can be sent to

Request A Library Service 


  • Check the Surname Index or Resource listings above to locate the presence of a record, document or book in our collection.

  • Use the following form to request a copy or schedule an appointment in the Eickoff Family History Library.

  • A member of the FCHS will verify the presence of the record/information and if found they will issue you an invoice for payment via email. Payments can be made online or through the mail. Please note: FCHS will only verify the presence of the record we will not verify the information in the document beyond what is provided in the indexes above. 

  • Once payment is received a photocopy or digital image of the record/publication will be sent. 


Thanks for submitting!