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My name is William Fred Sweeney. I was born 4.25.1948 in Eau Claire, WI to Willard Austin and Lois Fladstol Ruseling Sweeney. Both my parents were orphaned at an early age. As I begin my ancestry research I have learned to date my mother's father was Ashely Oliver Fladstol born 2.23.1893 in Preston, Mn. I believe his father was Ole and mother Emma? The town of Preston looks like a beautiful midwestern place to visit and I plan to do so come late spring 2022.

Personally, I am a builder of companies as my passion is to offer honest-quality priced consumer products made in America and offer very enjoyable employment. The tens of thousands of teammates I have served over the last 53 years throughout America, Canada and the Pacific Rim have been my joy and pride. I fulfilled my responsibility of enhancing their resumes and sent them on to bigger and better careers:) Now...I look forward to a cup of coffee in a corner cafe in Preston and the surrounding towns.



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